Anime: When something great happens to me I feel like….

[Writer: Richard K. Moe]

When something great happens to me I usually tend to feel certain ways. But I cannot express them with words. I just feel it. Anime usually helps me express my thoughts. So I will use “Anime Gifs” to convey my feelings to you! Enjoy!

When I hear class is cancelled and I have no class after that.

Yurikuma Arashi

When something delicious is for dinner.

Himouto Umaru-Chan

When I have a good comeback and my opponent is speechless

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

When I look in the mirror and realize that handsome devil is me.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

When I do HELLA good on multiplayer and everyone is trying to add me.

Kill la Kill

When new content of my “Waifus” are up

Kantai Collection

When I wake up and realize there’s no school today

Ore Monogatari

When someone gives me the rest of their lunch because they’re full

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

When people are down to check out that scary place and sound with me


When I get a good work out and I feel really strong

Psycho Pass

When I hear that my College class is HELLA easy


When I feel like I actually have friends and we storm the building

Himouto Umaru-Chan

When a pretty girl stares and smiles at me

Space Dandy

When someone knows its my birthday and no one noticed but them


When I get the package I was waiting for 


When I get alot of money and put it into my bank account


When there’s hella food left from a party that was at my house


When I hear “get anything you want, i’m paying”

Ninja Slayer

When a beautiful girl is walking behind me


When I make a joke and my target laughs to death

School Rumble

When I have a new class and I see a friend out of all the strangers

Full Metal Alchemist

When I get all the achievements in a video game

Senran Kagura

When a sequel of my favorie series is announced

The World God Only Knows

When I finally beat that part in a game that was so hard that I wanted to die

Sword Art Online

When someone compliments me alot

Detective Conan

When I realized I just had an Anime dream and I was the main character

Denpa Onna

So! I hope you enjoyed this! If anyone is actually reading this post. It’s a bit personal but this is how I feel! Its not everything but its some of it! Well, see you around!

P.S. All Gif’s are not mine. I could not find all the links after I came back to edit this. If it’s yours, speak up and tell me a link. These are not mine, they are the original Gif’s creators.


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