Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1)

Writer: Carlos (fatalend21)


Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a modern setting where special beings called Ghouls roam the earth who kill and eat people. Ghouls look just like humans but are different. They can’t taste human food the same way normal humans can. Instead they have to eat human flesh and organs to survive. In this story, it revolves around a college student named Ken Kaneki who was critically injured in an accident by fallen construction metals at a construction site while on a date with another  girl named Rize Kamishiro. In an operation, the surgeons were forced to use the organs of Rize for Ken’s survival since she had died in the accident. What makes this life changing is the she was actually a ghoul who had attacked him which is why he without realizing ran into the construction site that led to the accident. After the operation Ken discovers that his appetite of food has changed and eventually realizes that he had turned into a half ghoul-half human being. In this story, you will watch his journey on how he deals with becoming this new being while getting into danger from other ghouls and the special task force specifically made to take down ghouls.




  • Great story that really does progress wonderfully through the story
  • Interesting characters whose backstories are original and have an impact on the storyline
  • One of the best things in this anime that makes it worth watching is the fighting sequences. By far the best fighting scenes next to Fate/Stay Night UBW that had episodes coming out the same time
  • Animation was top-notch, never reducing in quality and zero errors in it
  • The music is great, especially the opening. At least watch that opening!
  • Had a great ending to the season that will satisfy you until you decide to watch the season season

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  • Beginning was very slow and I mean very slow. It probably won’t get your attention fully until episode 4 or 5.
  • Doesn’t start becoming amazing until the last 4 episodes of the season
  •  The censoring takes you out the story due to how distracting it really is. Sure it is very gorey but even Parasyte had a lot more gore and that was no where near censored as this anime was



Rating: 7/10

Final Comments: Some people will feel like my rating is a crime but the beginning of it was so slow that even I don’t see myself ever rewatching this first season again. The manga on the other hand just as people say is far superior but that doesn’t change the fact that this anime is at least worth a watch if you are into the horror-action genre as much as I am. But if you are limited in time, I suggest at the very least to check out the manga since it’s now being published in English.

Where to watch:  Check it out on Funimation!


Credit: Images are taken from the official ending cards for the closing theme for Tokyo Ghoul and are property of their respective owners. 


6 thoughts on “Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1)

  1. Also something that probably occurs is that they skim over something and slap whatever rating on it. But with censoring it’s a matter of discussing I heard. Especially with “The Wolf Of Wall Street” almost being NC-17.

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  2. Nice review although I had noted more negative thoughts for myself. But I like it. Animation was top game for the project.

    By the way the censoring is done by TV airing rights and has nothing to do with the production of the anime it’s self. I do agree some sequences are unnecessarily censored. Especially in “Terraformers” although that was extremely gorey. I feel that if something’s elements are already that dark, sequel and etc. Censoring a few things seem wrong however it is an airing rule and for those who happen to fall on the sequences by accident or etc.

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    1. I know about the airing rights but sometimes they make zero sense to me. I live by the rule that all rules should be enforced other wise remove that rule. If other anime has just as much gore or worse they should be judged the same. This anime doesn’t have enough gore to me as Parasyte does or as other anime that has gore. Ah well, at least the blu-ray version will have it uncensored. Have not yet watched the second season for Tokyo Ghoul and i’ve heard the censoring is much worse…

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      1. Yeah that’s a problem. It isn’t completely enforced amongst each series. And even has errors in many forms of media. “Spice and Wolf” is considered R-18 in the US Manga Sections, but it’s not even explicit. Then a hyper sexual manga such as “H DXD” is listed as teen or a very gory manga “Mahou Shoujo Of The End” is also listed as teen.

        Unfortunately all along the world there is mistakes. Especially in Court. This just happens and you can’t expect everything to be completely covered perfectly it’s just different people working at different times. What I’m assuming is more strict individuals happen to oversee certain series and the more lenient or more fair people are also assigned different things so it all depends on who’s doing what.

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