Game Review: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Released: February 28, 2013

Artwork by Nan Yaegashi

Writer: Richard K. Moe

[Rated M For: Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence]


There are two kinds of ninjas in the world, good and evil. Good ninjas associate with the “light faction” and Evil ninjas associate with the “dark faction”. Good ninjas fight for the greater good and solve problems in a peaceful manner. While Evil ninjas fight for pay and solve problems in whatever manner they like. The story focuses on four groups of girls. Hanzo Academy (Light Faction), Homura Crimson Squad (Dark Faction), Gessen Girls Academy (Light Faction), and Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (Dark Faction). These girls are sprung into battle and face off in a “Shinobi Battle Royale”. The victor gains pride and respect while the loser gets their school burned down. Even if they are apart of the same factions, these girls will face each other to understand what is truly good and evil. 

senran-kagura-vita-vita_68pkSome Facts:

  • Developed by: Tamsoft
  • Published by: Marvelous AQL (Japan, Europe), XSEED Games (North America)
  • Third installment in Senran Kagura series
  • Artwork done by: Nan Yaegashi
  • Sold 94,324 first week in Japan
  • Sold a total of 120,000 including digital sales
  • Ranked: Third most purchased digital Vita game on the Japanese PSN in 2013
  • Ranked: Fifth most purchased digital game overall on the Japanese PSN in 2013
  • Metacritic score: 67/100
  • Famitsu score: 32/40
  • One of Richard K. Moe’s personal favorites
  • Richard K. Moe is in love with almost all the girls in Senran Kagura



  • Pleasing looking character models!
  • Story goes places at times.
  • Got to connect with characters.
  • Gameplay is fun and explosive at times!
  • Characters combat feel different from each other. 
  • Artwork is very attractive and great.
  • Felt intimate with the characters!
  • Lots of character customization.  
  • Great length, not too short or too long.


  • Story is upsetting and a let down most of the time
  • Gameplay can become repetitive
  • Gameplay can become frustrating due to difficulty going up and down
  • Sometimes the sexualization is a bit too ridiculous  
  • Money and Exp earned feels kinda useless



Final Comments: I cannot really recommend this game to people. I actually rather keep quiet about such a game like this. This game is a guilty pleasure for me. This is a very hyper-sexual game, so what did i expect? The story doesn’t grab me completely. What does is the characters from this game. They are so lovable! I love them! This game felt very intimate and a bit immersive. As long as no one was watching me play, I had a good time. Luckily I had headphones. But all in all, this game is a favorite of mine. I’ll be looking forward to more voluptuous women and more moments that’ll make me bluish in embarrassment or guilt. Tee hee. 

You Can Purchase “Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus” (Click Here)

You can check out the trailer down below. Make sure no one is with you though.


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