Anime Review: PART 1/2 “Oremonogatari: My Love Story” Funny Let Down

[Featured Image Source: MADHOUSE]

Animation Still From: MADHOUSE

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


Animation Still: MADHOUSE

Takeo a very “built” high-schooler could never get the girls of his dreams. Because of his physical. He is always losing to his best-friend Suna. Until one day a girl named Yamato actually really adores him back.

Interesting Facts and Information

  • There was a “Nisekoi” X “Oremonogatari” manga crossover.
  • “Oremonogatari” is based on a manga.
  • April 2015 there was a LIVE-ACTION Film.
  • It won Kodansha`s Best Shojo Award in 2013.
  • It was number one on the Book of the Year list of Female-Oriented Comics from January to June, 2013 by Da Vinci magazine and number five in the year-end list of 2012.


Animation Still: MADHOUSE


  • At times still very funny. You can`t help but laugh at certain scenarios and faces that Takeo makes.
  • It`s overall amusing and the characters are all likeable. The main cast is a group to enjoy your time with.
  • Strays away from stereotypical shoujo cliches “Oremonogatari.
Animation Still: MADHOUSE


  • Overused jokes and isn’t as funny as it began with.
  • The story never takes itself seriously enough, and constantly pulls the “It`s not what you think it is” joke. (Such as Takeo studies just to find out it is…Can`t list due to spoilers.)
  • Animation and quality errors. There aren`t many frames on sections and coloring + overall quality illustrations are lacking in later episodes.
  • Bad Directing. Overused camera angles and repetitive shots. (The Characters are constantly walking flatly like paper cut-outs towards the screen in later episodes).
  • Where is Suna in the story? They represent him as a very-important character. He is mainly used for small-dialogue and short interactions. Aside from a section that I praise (When Suna`s father is in bad condition)


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“Oremonogatari” has lost a lot of shine but keeps it “decent” overall performance. If this is part 1, then part 2 will probably follow in it`s footsteps. But hopefully not.

Watch “Oremonogatari” Here :


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