Anime Review: Nisekoi Season 2


Writer: Carlos (fatalend21)


In Nisekoi‘s second season, the story mostly focuses on expanding on the characters we know and love as well as introducing two new characters. Unlike the first season where Raku Ichijo is mostly focused on finding out who he made the promise when he was a child, this story shows how each character deals with each other in their daily lives. There is no strong story progression in this season but we do get to meet Chitoge Kirisaki’s mother Hana in a very dramatic episode and how Raku meets her. We also get to meet Kosaki Onodera’s sister Haru who isn’t very happy that Raku hangs out with her sister and Tsugumi’s rival Paula McCoy in both their own special episodes. Each character remains to have an episode dedicated to them (yes even Shu) and it makes for an incredible story and good comedy. 

  • Directed by Naoyuki Tatsuwa and Akiyuki Shinbo
  • Studio: Shaft
  • Licensed by Aniplex
  • Music by Satoru Kousaki




  • The comedy from the first season continues with even funnier moments 
  • Amazing animation by Shaft once again
  • Good dialogue
  • Minor characters like Ruri and Shu make a bigger impact on the story in this season instead of them just being there for show
  • Strong progression on the love portions of the anime that save this anime from being just another harem.


  • Unnecessary fillers. Who asked for a magical girl episode?
  • Poor story progression
  • Poor conclusive ending, ends on a “slice-of-life” kind of episode



Final Comments: A very good season once again and is a worth watch for fans of the manga or the first season.  Watch the first episode of the second season on Crunchyroll! Credit: All images are official art for Nisekoi and credits go to their artists.


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