“Barakamon” Anime Review: An Amusing, and Fun Experience

Satsuki Yoshino - Barakamon
Illustration – Yoshino Satsuki

[Writer: Chrissy.C]

[Featured Image By Yoshino Satsuki]


Barakamon Funny
From The Animation

An acclaimed calligrapher, puts his work in an exhibition but when he is criticized harshly by a professional he gets enraged and punches him across the face. His father then sends him to a rural island for discipline. This is where he meets a town full of eccentric characters.

  • Director Masaki Tachibana, had hand in Ghost In The Shell: S.Alone.Complex, Eureka Seven story boards, and leaded Directing in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  • Sound Director Kazuhiro Wakabayashi (Blue Exorcist, Squid Girl, and Eureka Seven)
  • Kenji Kawai, composed the soundtrack (IP Man, Ghost IN The Shell)
  • Production Companies: Kinema Citrus, Nippon Television Network, and Video Audio Project. (In Order)
  • Nippon Television: TV Airing, Video Audio Project: All Media Japan Distribution, and Funimation: North American Distribution and Work.

Anime Review


  • I Love the characters, they are very fun and amusing.
  • Good protagonist, he`s presence is thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Well written, from a strong lead, realistic kids and funny moments.


  • It never got emotional, when it could. It stayed too close to home.
  • The two most important characters of the show didn`t build a strong relationship.
  • Simple end. It wasn`t very powerful it felt like another episode had ended.


Final Comments: A GOOD WATCH, Only if the show would be renewed for another part.

Stream the first episode below. (Funimation)


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