Anime/Manga List: Carlos’ Selection of The Summer Anime Stream 2015

THE LONG AWAITED SUMMER SIMULCAST IS HERE!! This season contains a lot of highly anticipated anime such as Monster Musume, GANGSTA. , Prison School, and Overlord. 

Like last season, you must choose wisely in terms of selecting which anime to much otherwise you will be watching at least twenty this season. I’m not joking. So I made a list of the ones that interest me this season that will help you select what to watch.



Plot: This anime is another one of those virtual reality/trapped inside a virtual game kind of anime. Unlike Log Horizon, or Sword Art Online. The main protagonist Momonga is the most powerful wizard in the game. The game is shut down and he is trapped without having a way to log out. He does not realize it at first and instead focusing on the changes around him. His servants who are NPCs begin to act strange towards him and feel emotions. He sets on a quest to find out what is going on in the virtual world he is in and take it over.74462l

   Why was it chosen?

  • Beautiful animation with interesting characters
  • Promising due to the fantastic manga under the same name
  • Strong main protagonist

Where do I watch?  You can stream this new anime at with a trial of their subscription plan!


Plot: Kurusu Kimihito is made into a volunteer to live his life with girls that are half monster such as Lamia and a Harpie. Though it’s not that easy to live like that because of the world’s negative views on the monster girls. Several laws are in place so humans don’t harm the monsters and vice-versa. Things take the turn for the worse when he is forced to adapt to orders by the government in an effort to learn from the monster girls. 74129l

        Why was it chosen?

  •  Based off the popular manga of the same name
  •  Beautiful animation
  • Fun harem to watch
  • Hilarious

Where do I watch?   You can stream this anime at


Plot: In this futuristic anime, humans have colonized all the planets of the solar system but have dreams of reaching the stars. Iris Shirasaki is an aspiring test pilot who is gifted as a pilot. Mizuki Sera is her friend and a mechanic and her brother Kaito happens to be her homeroom teacher and is in charge of further expanding on their talents of being a classroom full of students who are inspired to develop machinery meant to travel to the stars.74397l

    Why was it chosen?

  • Jaw-dropping good animation
  • Original sci-fi story
  • Good character designs

Where do I watch? You can stream this sci-fi anime right on


Plot: A unique story that stars three strong characters. Nicolas Brown, Worick Arcangelo, and Alex Banedetteo.  Nicolas and Worick are known as a group called “Handymen” meant to take down gangs. Here’s the most interesting story element. Nicolas Brown is deaf and communicates in sign language. They get assigned a specific task of taking a group of guys down and the story beings in their journey to complete the task and anything else that comes in their way.74415l

Why was it chosen?

  • Top notch animation
  • Strong characters
  • Interesting character designs
  • New addition to the great genre of crime anime

Where do I watch?  You can watch this crime filled anime right at


Plot: In modern day Japan. a portal has appeared that teleports into an older world of warriors that fight wars with sword.shields, trolls and wyverns. These humans of the past teleport using the portal to modern day Japan and attack in a quest to capture modern day Japan. However, due to the superior army of Japan, their forces are defeated quickly. Japan’s government then decides on a conquest of their own to occupy the land of the other side of the portal. It’s up to newly promoted Youji Itami a soldier and otaku to leader his unit to victory in this other world.74929l

     Why was it chosen?

  • Funny main protagonist
  • Breathtaking animation
  • Tells a story of guns vs swords

Where do I watch? You can stream this anime full of cool soldiers and wyverns right at

Out of these interesting anime, you’ll find a one to your liking. Granted, everyone might discover  different anime while already having a set mind on which they will watch this season. I will let you all know if there are new ones I watch that I find are worth watching as this new season continues! 

Author- Carlos (fatalend21)


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