ANIME MOVIE REVIEW: “Little Witch Academia 2: The Enchanted Parade” A Magical, and Simple One At That


[Writer: Chrissy.C]

[Kid Friendly and Accessible for all ages.]

[Duration: 53 Minutes]

The critically and fan praised series “Little Witch Academia” makes it`s return. This time for a short – film.


Akko and the girls are in charge for this year`s festival. Finding out it is a mockery event for how the general public treated the witch`s in the past, Akko is determined to change this and show everyone that there is more to being a witch then the stereotypes. She and her friends are accompanied by some young-rebel witches to get the job done.

  • Michiro Oshima, composed the score. Known for her works (Full Metal Alchemist, Nabari No Ou, and Casshern Sins)
  • Otsuka Masahiko, handled the script for the project. Known for his works (FLCLAnimated Direction“, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie: Lagann-henDirector“)
  • You Yoshinari, worked with directing, character designs and key-animations. He is praised for his character designs and animations in (Evangelion 2.0, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking With Garter-belt)
  • The “Little Witch Academia” series are done on traditional work. This means cels are drawn upon, colored and inked. Without help from digital software.
  • A Kick starter was made public for fans to fund the production of the second film. In garnered a estimate of $630,000. Which allowed the production to be the length it is now.
  • Head Producer is Naoko Tsutumi (Little Witch Academia 1-2, and Evangelion 3.0Production Assistant: Trigger
  • Production Committee: Good Smile Company, And Trigger. In respective order.
  • Toho Company, distributes the product world-wide.



  • LWA2 New CharactersDirecting, from director “You Yoshinari”. Cinematic visuals from brooms above the city, action sequences intense sliding and gliding.
  • Writing from “Otsuka Masahiko”. Interesting, creative concepts they did with magic. Not such a great job with the ending though. But It is nice to see he was able to incorporate the most important characters into supporting the story.
  • Traditional work, the quality of the animation was great. The amount of time and effort Trigger put into working purely with original cel animation, from coloring and inking without digital hand.
  • With Disney flair as a aesthetic, instead of looking generic and cookie-cutter.


  • It’s not as grand as it could’ve been. Scenes with no score left areas dry and empty. Not very flashy this time and doesn`t bring as much to the table then the first “Little Witch Academia” oddly with it`s shorter length.
  • A very brief ending, and a cliche way to destroy their enemy. I do understand it is all-ages but it doesn’t excuse bad ideas. Because projects such as (Inside Out and Toy’s Story) are great, enjoyable stories that kids and adults can enjoy.

    Final grade


    LWA Art
    ART BY: SAYA566

    This many can enjoy, it`s accessible for all ages. A Truly magical and fun watch. Creative concepts and ideas are implemented in this short. Comparing it to the first it doesn`t shine as well. Overall a fun watch!


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