ANIME/MANGA LIST: CHRISSY.C`s Selection Of The Summer Anime Stream 2015


There are a lot of interesting titles of this summer. From School-Live (Gakkou-Gurashi) Zombie-Moe survival to Gangsta crime-fighter series.

You can only watch so many series in one season, so these are my selections.

If your picks didn`t make it to this list, don`t fret they made it to your own!


School-Live (Gakkou Gurashi)

Gakkour Collab

Plot: Yuki Takeya, enjoys her average day to day activities with her friends in high-school. She`s oblivious to what is happening, but to everyone else that is protecting her they are survivors of a outbreak.

Why Was It Chosen?:

  • The costume designs and artwork for the characters are pleasing.
  • The story about moe girls surviving during a zombie apocalypse, seems a little odd. But the idea of protecting a friend from something they don`t even realize makes it more than a “average-moe” in my book.
  • A Story bubbling under.

Himouto Umaru-Chan

UM Anime VisualPlot: A local beauty lives a double life from a productive and elegant high-school girl and shut-in otaku at home.

Why It Was Chosen?

  • Originally I had read the manga for over a year. I always enjoyed the light and amusing stories that were told.
  • It doesn`t have the strongest plot or connecting story but it is a cutesy tale of character.
  • Quality animation and color job.


GangstaPlot: Gangsta tells the story of two men who take out the “trash” in a corrupt city. Which inhabits prostitutes, crooks, dirty cops and other dirt. Until they are given a task to take out a new gang. Which then causes them to be involved in major problems.

Why Was It Chosen?

  • A Justice fighting story is always something to enjoy.
  • A Seinen about a corrupt city and a hard job. I`ve always had a interest for raw crime series.
  • From Director Shukou Murase (Known for hit series: Ergo Proxy) and Writer Shinichi Inotsume (Go Sick, Sketdance)


CharlottePlot: A select few grow up with super-natural abilities. Yū Otosaka, suddenly awakens with the powers to possess others. He is caught and transferred to an academy where he and his alliances must help others cope with their powers.

Why It Was Chosen?

  • Honestly, the main reason and this applies to others besides me. It`s because it is Jun Maeda`s work (Clannad, Angel Beats, and AIR) Most likely this project should hold quality work.
  • A Story about kids with powers and dealing with that, not the best concept but hey but it`s Jun Maeda`s concept work! Let`s give it a view!

WORKING!! SEASON 3 (Wagnaria!! Season 3)

Wagnaria 3Plot: The day to day life and work of this restaurant crew returns!

Why It Was Chosen?

  • It`s good to see the characters back again.
  • Working isn`t amazing but it`s a good show full of likeable characters.
  • Slow but steady story progression is in store. And possibly the last season for the animation.

Snow White With Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayukihime)

Snow White With Red HairPlot: Shirayuki, is a normal citizen but with a unique color of hair. She is ordered to be the prince`s wife of Tanbarun and because of this she escapes to neighboring city Clarines. Where she lives her life as a pharmacist.

Why Was It Chosen?

  • Anime with these kinds of plots aren`t very frequent, so it`s interesting.
  • An interesting premise to watch.
  • Art and animation looks great. It`s a large-scale visual production with work from well-known studio BONES. (Soul Eater, Go Sick, and Fullmetal Alchemist)

Castle-town Dandelion (Joukamachi No Dandelion)

Castletown Dandelion

Plot: A Large family of eleven, descendants of the King, plus they have powers and are constant watch by cameras to determine the next heir to the throne.

Why Was It Chosen?

  • It sounds like a lot of fun to follow this family.
  • A Wacky but totally enjoyable story line.
  • Once again the art looks nice so let`s watch it!

Game Of Laplace (Ranpo Kitan)

Ranpo Kitan

Plot: In a middle school, multiple violent murders occur. Kobayashi a boy who attends this school meets young savant detective Akechi, who comes to shed some light on the incidents.

Why It Was Chosen?

  • A murder-mystery to wrap your head around.
  • Although a generic set-up let`s see what unravels.
  • From Director Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats, Persona 4, and the recent sleeper-hit “Yuki Yuna Is A Hero”)
  • From Writer Makoto Uezu (Yuki Yuna Is A Hero, Danganronpa, Humanity Has Declined.)

Well That`s It! Who knows what`ll drop!


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