ANIME Review: Jojo`s Bizzare Adventure Pt.3 “Stardust Crusaders – Battle In Egypt” An Unfortunate end.

Jojo`s Bizarre Adventure: “Stardust Crusaders”  and “Battle In Egypt”

Watched from Summer 2014 to Summer 2015

Jojo`s Bizzare Adventure SC[WRITER: PresidentYummy “Chrissy.C”]

Stardust Crusaders Egypt

Jojo`s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: “Stardust and Egypt”. The story follows Jotaro descendant (3rd Descendant) of the Jojo line and his companions. Jotaro and his Grandfather Joseph (Second Descendant) manifest unknown powers named stands. So does “Jotaro`s” mother who can’t control one. They must track down long-time villain Dio who fought with the first Jojo “Johnathan Joestar”. If they can destroy Dio the curse on his mother will be lifted.



  • Some of the greatest and thrilling moments are in Jojo 3. From Stands such as Centerfold and Death Thirteen.
  • The characters are very well written, from the villains to the main cast. In “Stardust Crusaders” first 26 episodes, they provide some great villains that will get in your head, on how the crew will find a way to get past them.
  • Art design and animation done on these two seasons are in higher-quality than the previous Jojo Parts.


  • An overblown and stretched out Jojo Story. Stardust In Egypt was unnecessary, as it didn`t use it time wisely, slow pacing and weak ending.
  • The characters introduced (Stands) in Egypt were very weak, and don`t match up to the Stands before they appeared in Egypt. The ideas and powers were nothing good, just decent. With the exception of the stand: “Cool Ice”.
  • A Weak end to Jojo 3. A cliche and generic way to end the show, after all their original ideas.
  • Unfulfilled ending for the characters and viewers. They pressed down lots of content in the last sequences to match up with their limited time-frame, with an ending so brief, you barely realized it had ended. 


Great moments offered in this show but lost it`s shine as it stretched out it`s story.

Watch Jojo and the family`s “Bizarre Adventures”, Below.

Crunchy-roll has the stream acquired online. (CLICK HERE)


Behind The Animation, Facts Of Jojo`s Bizarre Adventure “Stardust Crusaders” and “Battle In Egypt”

  • David Production, decided to go with a different art style for Stardust.
  • Directors include Tsuda Naokatsu (Inu X Boku, Ben-To) Suzuki Kenichi (Hellsing Ultimate) Fujimoto Jirou (NHK, Hyper Dimension) Ogura Hirofumi (Gintama, Kekkaishi)
  • Head Writer Yasuko Kobayashi (Attack On Titan, Casshern Sins, And Shakugan No Shana)
  • Lead Producers include: (David Production, Warner Bros, The Klock Worx, Yomiko Advertising)

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